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Night in Paris Eau De Parfum


An expression of ageless elegance, this is the perfume that fits just as well in a casual Parisian café, on an Eiffel Tower lunch or in a Champs-Élysées boutique. That’s...

Sample Pack - Eau De Parfum

£8.99 £4.99

A collection of Candles & Oud's most popular fragrances in miniature 1 ml bottles. This set contains 5 samples of; Heavenly Oud, Night in Paris, Vanilla & Amber, Amber Oud Intense and Amber...

Heavenly Oud Eau De Parfum


Oud has a special way of taking over the senses and creating effects beyond words. In many cultures, oud is referred to as a Paradise incense. It is said Louis...

Night in Paris Candle


The ageless elegance of a city that never sleeps comes to life with this exciting candle. The divine combination of scents leaves you spoilt and wanting for more as it...

Vanilla & Amber Eau De Parfum


Sweet, warm and comforting that is how this scent will hit your sweet spot. Just like a sinful desert, the rich amber notes bring a moreish scent that you simply...

Amber Oud Intense Eau De Parfum


A beautifully resinous amber scent that simply exudes luxury. At first inhale, a fresh citrus hit of lemon and bergamot revives the senses before plunging into a spicy, crisp heart...

Heavenly Oud Candle


A memorable, unique fragrance that will linger around your home long after the last flame has gone out. Heavenly Oud evokes the Middle-Eastern traditions of welcoming guests by burning precious...

Night In Paris Fine Oil


Night in Paris is a light-hearted fragrance that charms all who inhale her by day, and captivates them by night. Sweet, fruity and floral, this fun scent encapsulates the laid...

Adventure Eau De Parfum


One of the most daring fragrances we created, this perfume is for the bold that like to make a statement through their presence. The Adventure Eau de parfum comes off...

Velvet Rose & Oud Candle


Open windows, flowing curtains and the fragrant light of a candle on a dressing table. Intimate, silent, complementing powders, lotions and perfumes. A world of scent. A touch of colour...

Leyla Eau De Parfum


A secret perfume. A legend as old as centuries. This perfume brings together all the past, present and future love stories across the world. It’s a quintessential romance, with an...

Night in Paris Body Lotion


Elegant, luxurious scents of orris, freesia and orchid Iconic lotion that will soon become your scent signature Delicate skin care fit for sophisticated beauty routines          ...

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