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Night in Paris Diffuser


An expression of ageless elegance, this is the perfume that fits just as well in a casual Parisian café, on an Eiffel Tower lunch or in a Champs-Élysées boutique. That’s...

Heavenly Oud Diffuser


Oud has a special way of taking over the senses and creating effects beyond words. In many cultures, oud is referred to as a Paradise incense. It is said Louis...

Vanilla & Amber Diffuser


Sweet, warm and comforting that is how this scent will hit your sweet spot. Just like a sinful desert, the rich amber notes bring a moreish scent that you simply...

Violet Rose Diffuser


A heart made of flowers. A perfume that could sit next to a bride’s wedding bouquet, on the dressing table of a lawyer, wrapped by the hands of a child...

Leyla Diffuser


A secret perfume. A legend as old as centuries. This perfume brings together all the past, present and future love stories across the world. It’s a quintessential romance, with an...