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Night In Paris


Night in Paris is a light-hearted fragrance that charms all who inhale her by day, and captivates them by night. Sweet, fruity and floral, this fun scent encapsulates the laid...

Heavenly Oud


A bold and spicy oriental scent adored by both sexes, the woody accords of this Heavenly Oud harmonise with sweet amber to create a match made in heaven- just as...

Vanilla & Amber


Warm and intense, amber has long been one of the most popular ingredients in perfumes. Celebrated for its rich, heady qualities, it is often combined with soft vanilla to create...

Amber & Lemon


Are you ready to be intoxicated by the winning combination of Amber and Lemon? The deep, warm and devastatingly elegant scent of classic amber combined with the fresh, citrus burst...

White Musk


Could there be a more classic scent than White Musk? Unisex and versatile, it conjures up fond memories of youth, yet looking back with an experience of age. A clean...



A bright and uplifting classic, Sophistique is a timeless classic for both men and women who like the finer things in life and have a natural air of sophistication… Best...

Santal Musk


A one of a kind oriental and floral fragrance both men and women, Santal Musk has been cleverly crafted with a combination of aldehydic notes of both floral and musky...



Opulence is what comes to mind when you breathe in this floriental, unisex fragrance. The power of suggestion comes in to play, like the wearer- not revealing all of their...

Musk Cairo


Musk Cairo is an oriental fragrance for both men and women. This understated classic scent is the epitome of a ‘no perfume’ perfume, creating a gentle aura reminiscent of freshly...

Liquid Luxury


Liquid Luxury, never was a scent name so aptly.. With musky base notes of moss, patchouli and Oud, combined with sweet vanilla and topped off with floral heart notes of...



A sensuous scent that cocoons the wearer like a cashmere sweater. Do not be fooled into believing that this is your typical vanilla-based offering. The addition of bitter cacao adds...



Suited to both men and women, this oriental scent is fresh and herbaceous- think lavender on top of an oriental base to culminate in an exotic and aromatic delight- a...

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