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Fell in love with the smell, it’s amazing and lasts all day

Faduma M.

This is by far my favourite perfume so fruity and fresh thank you Candles & Oud

Gemma E.

Where luxury meets innovation, this company has truly carved a niche for itself in the world of fragrances.

Robert. R.

I love this perfume so much . Its unlike anything I've ever had and I get lots of compliments.

Kate M.

Had a free sample in the Trafford centre and then HAD a buy.


Eau de Parfum

Experience the transformative power of our fragrance, expertly crafted to enhance your unique elegance.

Our EDPs contains up to 20% of Oil essence and last up to 10 hours.

It opens with invigorating citrusy top notes, followed by delicate floral accords and settles into rich, sensuous base notes.

Feel refreshed and confident all day while leaving a lasting impression of timeless beauty.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.


Elevate your surroundings with our 40-hour candle.

It sparks to life with citrus, blossoms with delicate florals, and gradually envelops you in luxurious sensuality.

Enhance your environment, let a lasting aura of timeless allure linger.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

Reed Diffuser

Enhance your atmosphere with our reed diffuser. Designed for enduring influence (60-90 days), it awakens with citrus, blossoms with intricate florals, and settles into sensuousness.

Transform your space with confidence, and summon an enduring sense of fascination.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

Body Lotion

Wrap your skin in luxury with our Milky Body Lotion, enriched with the alluring scent of "Night in Paris."

Hydrate and indulge as it infuses you with citrus, delicate florals, and sensuous base notes.

Elevate your self-care, exude confidence, and carry Parisian allure with you, always.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

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What Our Customers Say

Based on 691 reviews
Leyla Body Lotion
Lydia Ogoe
Leyla body lotion

It’s amazing I love it so much. Great team in Cambridge. Thank you for explaining the different products. I love the Leyla and lots more.

I love it so much

Bestcandle ever! Cute packaging aswell as amazing smell


Being a avid candle user, it is important for me to have the right scent burning to get the ultimate chilled environment in my home. Candles and Oud is an amazing brand that not only combines the luxe scent of oud with a candle but can also add class to any room.

The candle is housed in a weighty glass jar and the packaging is simple yet elegant. The fragrance is a chef's kiss. Night In Paris has notes of:

Top: Black Cherry, Plum, Raspberry

Middle: Freesia, Orris, Orchid

Base: Musk, Amber, Vanilla

The Night In Paris scent which is one of their best selling scents is a beautiful, warm and inviting fragrance that really makes you feel relaxed and content. The candle burns evenly and can last a few times. This candle has definitely exceeded my expectations and I definitely do see myself using more in the future. The simplicity and elegance wins for me and this would make a great gift for someone special or even yourself!


These candles smell absolutely beautiful my whole house smells insane highly recommend

Smells beautiful

The packaging is beautiful and looks quite luxurious. The jar is a simple design and looks quite classy.

It has a sophisticated aroma of rich florals and subtle spices.

It's quite a delicate scent that's not overpowering, I love the mix of floral and vanilla. There is a very romantic feel to it.

Night in Paris candle

Smells amazing, perfect for a relaxing atmosphere

Candle & Diffuser Set
Rubina Parvin

Candle & Diffuser Set


It smells beautiful, it would make a great little gift too


Amazing quality smells great lasts all day

gorgeous candles

smells unreal thank you so much!

Highly recommended for its luxurious scent and quality.

The “Candles & Oud Night in Paris” candle offers a luxurious blend of oud and subtle notes, creating a rich and sophisticated fragrance reminiscent of a Parisian evening. The candle burns evenly with a sturdy wick and lasts for several evenings. Its elegant packaging makes it a perfect gift choice. Overall, it transforms any space into a serene and captivating environment, perfect for relaxation or setting a romantic mood.

smells divine

I love this candle , not only due to the very natural , sweet and natural scent - but also because of the simplicity of the glass jar


I love this cancel it smells amazing and is strong without being overpowering. It is the perfect addition to my bathroom and I will be ordering more in the future.

Well received as a gift, nice product

Smells divine

The Night in Paris Candle by Candles and Oud smells divine. It’s a luxurious blend of warm oud and delicate floral notes, creating a sophisticated and enchanting aroma. Loved the elegant packaging. It burns with a long-lasting scent that fills the room. Perfect for adding a touch of romance or relaxation to any space, this candle is a refined choice for personal enjoyment or as a thoughtful gift.

Night in Paris Parfum

On a recent visit to London, was given a sample and 4 days Later I was still able to smell the parfum.
Ordered . Thank you

Best long lasting perfume

Love this perfume it lasts all day I only have to spray in the morning. Smells amazing.

Heavenly Oud Soap
Cassandra O'connor

Beautiful smell

Amazing smell!

My new favourite smell! Brought this from Westfield London and the best smell ever! Although it does not last long on my skin! Wished it lasted longer!



Absolutely Gorgeous fragrance

Love this fragrance. It smells amazing. The 2 for 1 offer was the icing on the cake. Also, the lady who served us in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge was so helpful and friendly. Didn't rush us at all.

Love the perfume

Just love the Night in Paris perfume. It lasts a really long time and is much admired.

Adventure Reed Diffuser


I bought literally the best perfume it reminds me of back home and the staff were soooo lovely. I had literally the best customer service experience especially by the manager in the Trafford Centre. Thank you so much!

Heavenly Oud Eau De Parfum
Neighat Afzal Malik
Beautiful deep scent

I’m not an Oud person however I was given a gift from Candles & Oud that had a sample of this Parfum. It was divine, perfect for a summers evening which led me to buy 2 bottles. If your looking for a Parfum that smells expensive with an affordable price tag, this is the one!