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Fell in love with the smell, it’s amazing and lasts all day

Faduma M.

This is by far my favourite perfume so fruity and fresh thank you Candles & Oud

Gemma E.

Where luxury meets innovation, this company has truly carved a niche for itself in the world of fragrances.

Robert. R.

I love this perfume so much . Its unlike anything I've ever had and I get lots of compliments.

Kate M.

Had a free sample in the Trafford centre and then HAD a buy.


Eau de Parfum

Experience the transformative power of our fragrance, expertly crafted to enhance your unique elegance.

Our EDPs contains up to 20% of Oil essence and last up to 10 hours.

It opens with invigorating citrusy top notes, followed by delicate floral accords and settles into rich, sensuous base notes.

Feel refreshed and confident all day while leaving a lasting impression of timeless beauty.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.


Elevate your surroundings with our 40-hour candle.

It sparks to life with citrus, blossoms with delicate florals, and gradually envelops you in luxurious sensuality.

Enhance your environment, let a lasting aura of timeless allure linger.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

Reed Diffuser

Enhance your atmosphere with our reed diffuser. Designed for enduring influence (60-90 days), it awakens with citrus, blossoms with intricate florals, and settles into sensuousness.

Transform your space with confidence, and summon an enduring sense of fascination.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

Body Lotion

Wrap your skin in luxury with our Milky Body Lotion, enriched with the alluring scent of "Night in Paris."

Hydrate and indulge as it infuses you with citrus, delicate florals, and sensuous base notes.

Elevate your self-care, exude confidence, and carry Parisian allure with you, always.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

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What Our Customers Say

Based on 519 reviews

Discovering Candles & Oud's Vanilla & Amber Eau De Parfum last year was a revelation. Usually, I'm not loyal to one scent, but this blend of vanilla, amber, and a touch of oud is irresistible. It strikes the perfect balance between luxury and comfort, lasting all day without overwhelming. The number of compliments I've received is off the charts! When my first bottle finished, I immediately bought another. It's become an indispensable part of my daily routine. Absolutely love it and highly recommend it!

Wonderful aroma

Much better than aftershaves.

Subtle long lasting aromas.

I bought one from a stall inside a shopping centre that was made by hand there and then - so I was hoping that if I bought the same fragrance on line it would still smell just the same.

And it does.

I have night in Paris one the smell was incredible, but the thing l don't like about it , the smell it just last for a few hours .

Brilliant company. Amazing parfume

Night in the Paris, love this parfume a lot. Now my friends abroad asking for a present - the smell is fantastic, long lasting. Prise is adequate and I’m glad I discovered this company.

Night in Paris Eau De Parfum
Michelle Leicester
Beautiful fragrance

I bought this as a birthday present for my sis, and honestly "WOW" the smell is absolutely amazing the scent is sweet, almost reminds me of sherbet sweets ūüėĀ my sis says the scent lasts all day and she would definitely recommend this beautiful fragrance xx

Night in Paris Candle
Haleema Ahmed
Candle dirty

The white candle was dirty and the stain was not coming off

Smells absolutely gorgeous!
Lovely packaging, box, bottle and bow


Only last 10 mins on your skin smells stronger at the shop disappointed this time around

Never received parcel

No communication, no parcel

Night in Paris Eau De Parfum

Absolutely great stuff

I bought some candles and diffuser in West field london and did not regret it! I'm stuck!

Love the perfume however find the scent doesn’t last very long!

Night in Paris Bundle Experience

Gift for mum but I will steal it from her ūüėā

I mainly purchased this item for a gift,however the scent is so delightful I just have to take it back.I literally told my mum it’s for the pictures only.I purchased this item when I was given a sample from my last purchase;the scent is very nice and full of oud.


I love the perfume ,it’s not sweet.Just perfection!I had to add it to my collection of candle and oud perfumes


I’ve had this perfume for over a year and I still use it but only for special occasions now since I have the tiniest bit left, the scent lasts for hours and I always get compliments from people, it’s expensive but in my opinion it’s worth it, better than other perfumes

Review on diffusers

I purchased 4 heavly oud diffusers for my house as I smelt this particular scent and it is an amazing scent. However the diffusers didn’t last more than up to 2 weeks and that’s with the oil sticks rotated every couple of days to try and create a stronger and longer lasting smell. Unfortunately these did not meet the expectations I had and the website has set about how long the diffusers last. Other brands such as Jo malone. Rituals and Neom have longer lasting smells up to 6 months. So this was quite disappointing.

Amazing perfume

Came in the most beautiful packaging and the smell is like it’s nice heaven very happy costumer.


Beautiful perfume! Really like it, going to purchase candle soon too!

Beautiful scent

Beautiful scent and looks fantastic in the room.

Leyla Eau De Parfum
Nina Akther

My fave perfume

Very weak barely any smell!

I was given a paper sample to try at the Trafford centre! It smelled nice and long lasting. So I decided to purchase online . Received my fragrance today and completely disappointed, it barely has any smell. It's so weak I can't smell it after a few seconds. It's like spraying water! Feel like I've been scammed. So misleading.

Very weak

I tried Night in Paris at the Trafford centre in Manchester. Immediately fell in love with the fragrance, it was amazing and very lasting smell. Unfortunately when I purchased this fragrance online, I was shocked how weak the fragrance is. You can barely smell it. The testers they have at Manchester are completely different from what I have bought online. So misleading. I will keep it as I can't be bothered returning it but won't be buying from this company again. It's a shame because they are misleading customers and people won't be buying it again Like me.

Mini Candle Night in Paris

Night in Paris

Smells very nice such that people ask me which perfume I would be wearing. I would recommend people to buy.