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Embark on a Refined Journey with Our Distinctive Collection: Eau de Parfum, Luxe Body Lotion, Opulent Candle, and Artful Home Diffuser.

Immerse in the Captivating 'Night in Paris' Experience.

The Full Bundle for Only £99.
(Originally £127)

Fell in love with the smell, it’s amazing and lasts all day

Faduma M.

This is by far my favourite perfume so fruity and fresh thank you Candles & Oud

Gemma E.

Where luxury meets innovation, this company has truly carved a niche for itself in the world of fragrances.

Robert. R.

I love this perfume so much . Its unlike anything I've ever had and I get lots of compliments.

Kate M.

Had a free sample in the Trafford centre and then HAD a buy.



Black Cherry, Plum, and Raspberry. A floral heart of Freesia, Orris, and Orchid. Powdery base notes of Musk, Amber, and Vanilla.

What Is Included in 'Night in Paris Bundle Experience'

Eau de Parfum

Experience the transformative power of our fragrance, expertly crafted to enhance your unique elegance.

Our EDPs contains up to 20% of Oil essence and last up to 10 hours.

It opens with invigorating citrusy top notes, followed by delicate floral accords and settles into rich, sensuous base notes.

Feel refreshed and confident all day while leaving a lasting impression of timeless beauty.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.


Elevate your surroundings with our 40-hour candle.

It sparks to life with citrus, blossoms with delicate florals, and gradually envelops you in luxurious sensuality.

Enhance your environment, let a lasting aura of timeless allure linger.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

Reed Diffuser

Enhance your atmosphere with our reed diffuser. Designed for enduring influence (60-90 days), it awakens with citrus, blossoms with intricate florals, and settles into sensuousness.

Transform your space with confidence, and summon an enduring sense of fascination.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

Body Lotion

Wrap your skin in luxury with our Milky Body Lotion, enriched with the alluring scent of "Night in Paris."

Hydrate and indulge as it infuses you with citrus, delicate florals, and sensuous base notes.

Elevate your self-care, exude confidence, and carry Parisian allure with you, always.

It comes with a gift ready premium box.

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What Our Customers Say

Based on 657 reviews
Night in Paris

Mild and cool smell. Does not really last long as portrayed however; it's worth it. The fragrance is unique and of good quality.

Smells amazing!

The scent doesn’t fade like most candles, you can smell it emitting throughout your home as it’s burning for hours!

Heavenly Oud Eau De Parfum
Jacquelyn Silaghi
Very good service

Highly recommend it, Heavenly perfume is really good and lasts long, and the item was delivered earlier than expected.

Smells beautiful, very rich, and lasts all day

Amber Oud Intense Eau De Parfum Review

I love this perfume, it is exactly what I want, I love the scent so much I bought two, but I was not too happy with it because it does not last long, that's my only issue with. If there is a way to make it last long, this will be the only perfume I will be using for years to come. As I have said I love the scent it is perfect, it just doesn't last long, and it was painful because I love the scent. Thanks anyways for such a nice scent.

The Perfect Blend: Great Product, Even Better Service

I was blown away by the exceptional service I received from the salesperson. They were incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and took the time to show me a wide range of options before helping me find the perfect perfume. What truly impressed me was the absence of pressure to make a purchase. Instead, they let the product speak for itself, allowing me to make an informed decision. Their professionalism and expertise made for a truly enjoyable shopping experience. This was the Meadowhall outlet

Casablanca Eau De Parfum
Theothersideof_riya. Instahandle
Heavenly oud

I love this one and wanna buy this again. Plus love the packaging🌸

Lovely smell

Hi I bought this for my bathroom. The scent is lovely but could do with being a little stronger.

good service

brought from these guys before always loved the company and the stuff they sell
would buy again

Night in Paris Eau De Parfum
Night in Paris

Realy nice, My FAVOURITE. Worth every penny. Long lasting , beautiful fragrance


Swift delivery and stunning perfume


The smell is amazing and so addictive! The best part is it lasts very long too. Amazing product 👏

Beautiful perfume smell last definitely buy another one

Just beautiful

Beautiful 😻

I like the fragrance but it doesn't last😓

Love this

Was given a sample in Westfield, and had to buy it. The fragrance is lovely, it's not too strong and throughout the day I got little whiffs of it which put a smile on my face.

A calm and light smell. My grandma loves it

Great products

Great products and service

Service at Cambridge Candles & Oud

We were very happy and delighted to use your products for the first time. We were attended to by Anna Tabassum. She was very attentive and helped us to choose our perfumes. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable on the products.


I was disappointed with the candle wax as it was too short to light. However I took it back to the place I bought it from and the sales staff was very polite and kind she offered a refund straight away which I thought was very helpful, I decided to try another candle and when I bought it home it did light up but I wasn’t able to relight it probably the second time round which was a shame and waste of money. I think it may have just been a bad batch of candles because the other candles at the store had longer wax to them so i am not going to be put off from buying in the future just because of this one bad experience. The diffuser however did it’s job and I had no problems with those.

Very sweet and lasts almost a day and a half

Lovely smell

Love this perfume, very long lasting ❤️

Heavenly Oud Beard Oil
Shameem Lilley
Good stuff

Smells amazing and long lasting scent, lots of nice comments when wearing