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What springs to mind when you think of the colour blue? Bright skies, exotic seas and a feeling of calm? This oriental and woody fragrance is for the modern man- he who likes to stand out from the crowd without even having to try… Chivalrous, confident in his own skin and with a natural air of sophistication, the well-groomed wearer of this scent has a unique charm and air of refinement that sets him apart from his circle. The beautifully composed, balanced perfume oil is versatile enough to be worn anywhere, at any time. With its moderate projection and agreeable nature, it is definitely office appropriate. The intimate nature of the fragrance lends itself well to one-on-one encounters and dinner parties rather than lively nights out. An uplifting fragrance that can be enjoyed year round, regardless of the weather this grower of a scent should be a staple in every modern man’s fragrance wardrobe.


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