Cashmere Musk


Now available in multiple sizes

Cashmere Musk is an oriental fragrance that envelopes the wearer with its gentle touch- just like that cashmere blanket at your grandma’s house. A comforting fragrance that quietly commands attention. With a classic blend of warm amber and animalic musk, the scent will appeal to both men and women. The long lasting fragrance melts onto the skin like a dream. Like a fine watch or a pair of diamond earrings, this timeless classic will stay with you season to season, year after year. The perfume has a modest sillage, lingering just enough to make you aware of its presence. The scent stays close to the skin to provoke a hypnotic ‘moth to a flame’ effect. Just as a luxurious silk scarf or a smart pair of cufflinks, it provides the perfect finishing touch. Cashmere Musk is equally suitable worn to the office or to an intimate dinner date. The perfume oil is the perfect all-rounder, a safe choice for men and women alike. Refined and opulent, the scent has all the markings of a classic signature scent.


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