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Candles & Oud

Night in Paris Bath Bomb

Night in Paris Bath Bomb

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When in Paris…

  • Let the scent of Parisian elegance wash over you
  • Rinse your body in the most exquisite fragrances
  • Moisturise your skin, delight your mind


Beyond the Fragrance

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine bathing in a hot spring, carrying petals of freesia and orchids, with blooming trees of black cherry, plums and raspberry bushes full of ripe fruit all around you? 

As you soak in and let the fragrant water wash away your worries, you discover a divine scent that keeps you there. It’s only as your senses start to awaken to secondary royal fragrances of musk, amber and vanilla that you feel the true indulgence of the shimmery waters.

Night in Paris is an experience of luxury that unfolds in a bath of the most precious ingredients.

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Sapiently Sourced, Perfectly Blended

Middle-eastern sandal and patchouli flavour, citrus taste from a small village in Sicily remembering your lifetime holiday, intimate and authentic flavours, that’s what we want to recreate with Candles and Oud.

Our in-house perfumers in London meticulously blend tastes and make the magic happen, since 2019.