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Candles & Oud

Vanilla & Amber Fine Oil

Vanilla & Amber Fine Oil

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Warm and intense, amber has long been one of the most popular ingredients in perfumes. Celebrated for its rich, heady qualities, it is often combined with soft vanilla to create a sweet, woody, earthy tone.

This striking scent is a perfectly crafted masterpiece catering to men and women alike, especially those bold and dynamic characters that naturally command attention when entering the room- without even trying.

Weaving its magical journey, encapsulating femininity and masculinity at the same time, this perfume oil can be worn any time, any place, anywhere.

It is the type of fragrance that can take you from work to play, becoming a lighter skin scent as the day progresses. Its natural warmth makes it best suited to cooler weather and the autumn/winter season.

The perfume oil has excellent longevity, ensuring that the wearer can be confident of its durability and is sure to cast its spell on all in its wake…


Beyond the Fragrance

Top Notes

Balsamic, Damascena Rose, Grapefruit

Heart Notes

Honeysuckle, Musk, Vanilla

Base Notes

Amber, Balsamic, Musk



How to Use

Apply a few drops on the palm as well as on the wrist and other pressure points like the neck and behind the ears.

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Sapiently Sourced, Perfectly Blended

Middle-eastern sandal and patchouli flavour, citrus taste from a small village in Sicily remembering your lifetime holiday, intimate and authentic flavours, that’s what we want to recreate with Candles and Oud.

Our in-house perfumers in London meticulously blend tastes and make the magic happen, since 2019.