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Candles & Oud

Vanilla & Amber Soap

Vanilla & Amber Soap

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The perfect care for your hands with vanilla, honeysuckle and amber

Did you know that

  • Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and calm your skin?
  • Honeysuckle not only smells divine but it is widely used in aromatherapy to relieve stress?
  • Amber, the fragrant ancient resin, helps with skin elasticity and rejuvenation?




Beyond the Fragrance

Top Notes
Damascena Rose, Grapefruit
Heart Notes
Honeysuckle, Vanilla
Base Notes
Amber, Musk



Best Use

At times when your hands are extra sensitive, or dry. If you’re feeling stressed, this healing hand wash will relieve and calm your hands.

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Sapiently Sourced, Perfectly Blended

Middle-eastern sandal and patchouli flavour, citrus taste from a small village in Sicily remembering your lifetime holiday, intimate and authentic flavours, that’s what we want to recreate with Candles and Oud.

Our in-house perfumers in London meticulously blend tastes and make the magic happen, since 2019.