What was the favourite perfume of Louis XIV, the Sun King?

What was the favourite perfume of Louis XIV, the Sun King?

Many Eastern cultures consider oud to be the heavenly incense, due to the mystical qualities of this essence to bring you to the centre of your inner well-being.

The Grand Monarch Louis XIV is said to have washed his clothes exclusively with this Heavenly Oud from the Far East, a spicy-floral blend that surely made him the sweetest-smelling King of all.

We all know the opulence and magnificence of the Sun King, therefore reliving it on our own skin was certainly a great challenge for us.

Yet once again, the Candles Oud experts succeeded in bringing to light an olfactory work of art.

We can call Heavenly Oud one of our signature scents, along with Night in Paris, those definitive fragrances you just can’t do without.

The scent is an instant classic. The fragrance is arabesque, oriental inspired and spicy in the top notes.

The backbone is a woody, sweet floral patchouli, warm and enveloping. The base is balsamic and classic at the same time, a solid blend of vanilla and musk.

Heavenly Oud is offered in:

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Candle
  • Beard oil
  • Body lotion
  • Home diffuser