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Night in Paris


The ageless elegance of a city that never sleeps comes to life with this exciting candle. The divine combination of scents leaves you spoilt and wanting for more as it...

Heavenly Oud


A memorable, unique fragrance that will linger around your home long after the last flame has gone out. Heavenly Oud evokes the Middle-Eastern traditions of welcoming guests by burning precious...

Velvet Rose & Oud


Open windows, flowing curtains and the fragrant light of a candle on a dressing table. Intimate, silent, complementing powders, lotions and perfumes. A world of scent. A touch of colour...

Vanilla & Amber


A rich, warm and comforting candle that will hit your sweet spot on a chilly afternoon. Find warmth and serenity in the rich notes of amber. Discover the subtle hint...



A flirt. A witty conversation. An exciting experience. That’s what Adventure is all about. This candle will reveal a bouquet of flowers, but the real surprise comes from two contrasting...