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Vanilla & Amber


The perfect care for your hands with vanilla, honeysuckle and amber Did you know that… Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and calm your skin? Honeysuckle not only smells...



Skincare fit for a queen Did you know that… Cocoa is a natural factory of antioxidants? Cleopatra used jasmine oils to bewitch Marc Antonius with their enchanting aroma? Coffee acts...

Night in Paris


If elegance had a smell Did you know that… Orchids were so rare and exotic, that only the very rich could own such precious flowers? Orris is among the world’s...

Amber & Lemon


Fresh and cheerful aromas for soft, supple hands Did you know that… Rose oils keep the skin hydrated, moist and supple? White water lilies eliminate toxins and help purify the...