Your Wonderland of Scents and Aromas!

Your Wonderland of Scents and Aromas!

Between fragrances and wellness, a love story has been going on for a very long time! 

Think of Candles and Oud as a perfume; so its top notes would be peace, freedom, compassion, humility, and oneness; the heart notes would be purity, global equality, devotion, sincerity, and wisdom; while the majestic base note is the unconditional love of oud!

Our Mission was to create powerful, heavenly scents that like to make a statement with their presence. And we did it so by choosing the world's rarest raw ingredient, Oud. 


Why Oud? 

Because your overall spiritual and physical wellness was our Target! 

A deep, musty woody-nutty aroma from the aquillaria tree is widely praised in the Middle East. It's safe to claim that all "oud" used in commercial perfumery is an aesthetic symbol of an excellent choice.

Oud or Oudh, also known as the "5K Dollar a pound scent," is by far one of the highest-priced royal fragrance ingredients around the globe. 

This essential oil is derived from the fungus-infected resinous heartwood of the agarwood tree, which is native to Southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh. It is extracted either by distillation from wood or by melting the resinous heartwood.

It is estimated that just one in every ten trees in the wild has affected heartwood. Because of the exceptional richness of the resin's aroma, expert perfumers seek out these older trees.

Because the creation of the fungus only generates the resin, it is estimated that only 2% of these trees create it. This helps to explain why it is the most costly commodity on the essential oil market.


Brief History of Oud

For millennia, the oud has been utilized for medicinal and spiritual purposes. It appears in one of humanity's oldest documents, as well as the Bible. 

Several faiths, including Japanese and Buddhism, use oud to help them meditate. Oud, a fresh woody olfactory note in the perfumer's organ, has long been regarded as one of the essential elements of perfumery in Muslim culture. 

Our Oud-based royal perfumes are already gaining traffic from Europe now. 


What is the Aroma of Oud And Its Benefits?

The aroma of oud varies greatly depending on the wood used, the location of the tree, and whether the tree was cultivated or naturally afflicted. Unsurprisingly, the fragrance is described as warm and woody, with a little whiff of wet rot; however, some kinds are smokey and sweet.



Our perfume's oud is typically a base note that lingers on the skin long after the other notes have faded. 

Base notes are highly rich, substantial, and long-lasting because they are the perfume's foundation (up to six hours and more). They help to enhance the scent of other components and, in some situations, to give their own fragrance. 

While most wood notes are recognized for their earthy properties, Oud has a lovely sweet aroma and is frequently featured in a synthetic version because of the high expense of harvesting.

That’s the reason Candles and Oud is a pure oud-based perfume company. 


Eau de Parfum (EDP)

An Eau de Parfum refers to a stronger fragrance formula that produces a longer-lasting, more aromatic scent.


Eau de Parfums are now considered one of the most abundant scent varieties, and Candles and Oud only goes for smells with an Eau de Parfum concentration.


Eau De Parfum is perfume water with a higher concentration of fragranced oils that define a scent. Candles and Ouds’ perfumes contain more than 15% essential oils, so their increased purity attracts a lot of sapios.


Although EDP scents include more alcohol, they are better for sensitive skin than other fragrances.



Whether you want to return to aromatherapy to spritz yourself with mood-stabilizing scents or just want some elegance, Candles and Oud has your back!  

The wellness industry has several elements, from taking spin classes to eating "cleaner" and purchasing beauty products with certain emotional properties.  

The case for perfumes is compelling because, according to NIH studies, "75% of all emotions formed every day are attributable to smell." As a result, the plethora of perfumes on the market today serves as a bridge between sensory enjoyment, well-being, and mental stimulation.


Fragrance of Paris

For decades, Paris has been shaping olfactory trends to represent an art of living between fragrance and elegance. But why is the history of perfumery so intertwined with the City of Light? Does the city have a distinct smell that defines it?

Paris has a whole history of scents. Many wellness coaches from Paris discussed the importance of fragrance in many ways.

Scent can also represent spiritual essence, a spiritual connection, or a means of communicating or conveying the ecstasy of divine love and unity. 


Candles and Oud Takes you Away From Worldly Chaos! 

It's no surprise that we're all fighting to find a sense of balance in our lives. We are even struggling to keep any kind of routine, let alone protect our mental health.

But we can’t obviously ignore it, no?

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being contribute to our mental health. It has an impact on how we think, feel, and act. It also influences how we deal with stress, interacts with people, and make good decisions. Mental health is essential throughout life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

While we were establishing CANDLES AND OUD, our primary priority was to create a community where everyone could celebrate their oneness. We wanted to provide people with a source to escape this worldly chaos for some time. 

So we did it by making the most effective, soft, and aesthetic scents for you! 


A kiss is just a Kiss, But A smell isn’t Only a smell!

Do you remember this old song? “A kiss is just a kiss.” 

Well, as I said, the smell isn’t simply a smell. It is a memory that is imprinted on our minds.

Just the slightest whiff of these fragrances brings back a whole flood of cosy memories of those mouthwatering cookies baking in your mother's kitchen or the alluring aroma of your favourite flower. 

Unlike other human senses, olfactory responses are related to our brain's emotional centre and immediately correlate with our prior experiences. This is why the fragrance of rain, the ocean, or freshly baked cookies brings us back to where we originally encountered that scent. Nostalgic, no?

Scents convey messages to our limbic system, which controls memory and emotion in the brain. According to Masahiro 2021's study, positive feelings produced by particular fragrances have been shown to lessen stress levels and improve general mental health.

This triad of scent, memory, and emotion explains why scents affect our moods and psychological well-being.


Candles and Oud = Better Work Experience/Productivity

Notably, our pleasant ambient oud scents promote prosocial behaviour and increase productivity. 

Compared to individuals who worked in a no-odour condition, those who worked with an air freshener also reported stronger self-efficacy, set higher goals, and were more likely to use effective work practices. 

It has also been discovered that pleasant ambient smells increase alertness during arduous tasks and boost performance on anagram and word completion tests. On the other hand, the presence of a foul smell made participants' subjective assessments less accurate and their tolerance for frustration lower.


Developing a Signature Fragrance

The sense of scent that helps you do better on tests or manage pain also helps you build the impression you want to make on others. Choose a personal fragrance with care, keeping in mind common cultural associations. A mossy or woody aroma, for example, evokes earthiness, but a musky perfume evokes sexuality.

If you want to be remembered, use a unique smell 9such as our Oud-based Perfume) that few people have encountered. Also,  remember that customers you welcome or friends you meet can still sense the scent when your nose adapts to it after 15 minutes.


Physical Wellness

In addition to its spiritual advantages, oud has a wide range of physiological benefits, notably those relating to the mind due to its relaxing effects. A peaceful mind promotes physical wellness. Since oud is the base note in all of our perfumes, it also benefits your physical health. It functions as a therapeutic and is advised for the treatment of neuromuscular diseases as well as epilepsy. 

For individuals who don't have any illnesses, you can simply spray some to feel pleased and energized.


Candles And Oud Vision! 

Kindness has always come first at Candles and Oud.

We are dedicated to encouraging innovation and openness in a friendly, supportive workplace that values diversity and inclusion.

We focus on family support, flexibility, and employee mental health protection in order to support your well-being.

These premium materials, which we source, are combined by our in-house perfumers in London, who expertly sculpt them into some of the most exquisite aromas and blends in perfumery.

Our goal is to create a place where people come to find freedom, freshness, and kindness. We want to be the world's most customer-focused business.