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Coral Reef


A Spanish city bathed in heat and light, surrounded by orange trees, their branches gently blowing in a light Mediterranean breeze releasing this deliciously floral yet citrus scent in their...

Desert Rose


A truly unique and powerful fragrance with oriental woody notes, this concise blend opens with an enchanting aroma of fruity yet animalic cassis blended with exotic saffron and black pepper....

Desert Rose Bundle


We have created a special bundle for her which includes Eau De Perfum, Candle, and Body Lotion in our best-selling scent. With this bundle, you will save up to 15%...

Dubai Adventures


Just like the Middle-Eastern city of dunes, this perfume arises from ancient roots to give you the vibrant adventure scents straight out of one of the world’s most fascinating cities....

Dunes of Sahara


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what a desert oasis might look like. Lines of orange trees in bloom, some heavy with sweet, ripened fruit, palm trees and...

Dunes of Sahara


Definitely a scent created for a woman- but not just any woman. A fun and feisty fragrance that turns heads as soon as she enters the room, this bold and...



Sensual, rich, luscious and bold. That’s the essence of the Emirates. More often than not, simple combinations make way for wonderful things. Only some of the few but most exquisite...



If you’re new to the world of Arabic fragrances, Emirates is the perfect start for you. An oriental fragrance with a distinct yet respectful note of oudh, this perfume oil...

English Oud


Delicious from the first inhale, this warm, deep and smoky vanilla scent is an absolute delight to all in its wake. Fresh and oriental, this heady and mysterious oud is...

Gift Set for Men


Beyond the Fragrance Select Candle Velvet Rose & Oud, Night in Paris, Heavenly OudSelect Parfum Amber & Lemon, EmiratesSelect Lotion Amber & LemonSelect Beard Oil Adventure, Amber & Lemon, Sophistique

Hand Sanitizer Gel – Bundle


Disinfectant spray with a deep, warm and devastatingly elegant fragrance arouses the senses. Kills 99% germs and bacteria contains 70% alcohol denat in 100ml bottle.

Heavenly Oud


A memorable, unique fragrance that will linger around your home long after the last flame has gone out. Heavenly Oud evokes the Middle-Eastern traditions of welcoming guests by burning precious...

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