About Us

Our mission is to create beautiful, rare and luxurious fragrances for every occasion.

This includes sourcing the special raw Oud, which is one of the rarest and expensive commodities in the world and is used to create bold, divine scents which like to make a statement through their presence.

Our in-house perfumers in London, combine these high-quality ingredients that we source and craft them perfectly into some of the finest scents and blends in perfumery.


Locally sourced, legit fragrances

We know that we are responsible for protecting the environment and taking a product manufacturing-friendly approach. 

This is an ongoing task, but we promise to make it better by putting responsible practices at the heart of our business to reduce our environmental impact and sustain the small businesses and local economies which provide us with the best scents ad fragrances.

Recycled, recyclable

Our commitment to manufacturing products from recycled, recyclable packages in facilities that celebrate the use of renewable energy and reduce emissions, making responsibly procured ingredients more transparent and community-based. 

To respect society and the environment, we constantly review our sustainability standards and make sure they are constantly evolving.

Earth on top of any decision criteria

Nature has always been a pillar in every decision we make and we hope we can play our role in protecting it, that's why our packaging it’s 100% recyclable.

We know that reducing carbon emissions in the manufacture of our products can have an impact on society and the environment.

Family first

At Candles and Oud, we have always considered kindness first.

We are committed to fostering creativity and openness in a collaborative and cozy work environment that incorporates inclusiveness and diversity.  

We develop talent and support team well-being by focusing on family support and flexibility efforts and protection of employee mental health.

Our desire is to create a community where everyone can celebrate their individuality

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