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Amber & Lemon


Discover the magic of ancient amber Warm, golden amber baths to relax your muscles Sicilian lemons to detoxify and treat your skin Purify and recharge       Beyond the...

Vanilla & Amber


Sweet & comforting vanilla soaks Get a restful sleep and reduce anxiety in a sweet, comforting soak Rich, buttery vanilla baths for thirsty skin Let your worries fizz away in...

Night in Paris


When in Paris… Let the scent of Parisian elegance wash over you Rinse your body in the most exquisite fragrances Moisturise your skin, delight your mind       Beyond...



Sensual jasmine meets heady pink pepper Discover a bathroom elixir that surprises in contrasts Escape your daily worries with a bouquet of delicate jasmine Refreshing soaks of pink pepper and...