Oud Scents in the Western World

Oud Scents in the Western World

Oud and its pleasant vinaigrette smokey scent are well known to Fummies. It also happens to be one of the rarest and most luxurious scents, with a journey to your bottle that seems almost mythical.

You've probably noticed a shift if you've been following perfume trends for the last decade or two. Westerners have been spending on fewer products, whilst fragrance sales in emerging economies are still skyrocketing, being one of the most selling fragrances. 


Where Does it Come From?

Despite being widely used in the West now, oud originates primarily in Southeast Asia. Agarwood, a resinous heartwood that the tree produces in an effort to defend itself, is produced when the inside of the tree becomes contaminated (typically by insects). It tries to slow down the infection and strengthen the wood that survives. Tylosis is the term used to describe the process. 

In the infected tree, this battle for life and death can last for many years, even decades. The defensive resin in the heartwood of aquaria trees is where the oud is derived. Experts prize particularly the very old trees because they believe the resin has an unmatched level of complexity and aroma richness. 

What does it feel like?

It doesn't have a smooth, well-behaved wood scent like cedar or sandalwood. At first, it may have an odd, almost animalistic, kinked wildness to it, smelling like bandages or wood varnish. 

When you smell oud, you’d probably picture it as old wooden furniture that has been slightly moistened while being stored, combined with a sharp sweetness that produces a strong, tangy black scent. 

When putting this way, it sounds ridiculously unappealing, but the "unsavory" notes are actually the ones that produce the complex, stunning richness that prevents a perfume from being a plain and uninteresting scent.

As a result, Western perfumers have attempted to incorporate Middle Eastern scent sensibilities into their lines. Oud, a once-rare perfume ingredient in the West, has become a global sensation.


West Still Knows Nothing About Wearing Oud- Benefits 

Let's take a closer look at some of the many advantages of wearing oud, which range from medicinal to therapeutic to spiritual to cosmetic:


Having Calming Effects

In order to induce a state of meditation, the deep and hypnotic scents of oud can treat emotional, nervous, and psychological problems. It soothes your thoughts while serving as a powerful stimulant that promotes mental stability and strength.

It aids you in achieving inner peace because it can help you recover from any emotional trauma. Additionally, if you diffuse it in a vaporizer and keep it by your bed, you will have a restful night's sleep, which will help with insomnia.


Intimidating Scent 

Religious texts mention its potency and claim that it has a magical way of driving away evil forces and attracting new love. 

Oud is a very mighty and enduring component of oud-based perfumes, taking center stage in contrast to the supporting roles played by floral, citrus, and balsamic notes. 

First-time users of oud perfumes may feel intimidated because they are unquestionably not for everyone. Oud can be used sparingly or heavily, with great effect. However, if you're sampling an oud-heavy perfume, you should hold off on making a decision until the dry down.


Immersive Smell

With use, oud will generally lose some of its smoky, dark characters. But,  It will warm up, even it out, and glow rather than remaining damp and black. Imagine sitting on wooden furniture in a woodshop made entirely of wood in the middle of a forest. That kind of aroma is immersive. There will be only the most profound, evocative woodsy scent. 

It also blends incredibly well with other wood notes. Of course, research exists to shed light on the oud's aptitude for blending naturally with a variety of complex notes, but oud offers something more than meets the lungs: magic.

But these trees are becoming more challenging to find for companies. Some claim that this "rare oud" is rare to be found in the base notes of many perfumes. You have got to make an effort to get the “real” oud fragrance. 


Let’s Make It Easy For You!

Here is a classic example of a signature Oud collection: seductive, lavishly decadent, and alluring yet refined.


Royal Oud Eau De Parfum

This might be it if you're looking for a sophisticated, self-assuring signature perfume. A true art fragrance for any collection, this scent is well-balanced and long-lasting. Strong, smoky, and sensual to the point of being animalistic.

Because of its high oud content, it will help you in reducing stress and improve cognition. Additionally, it aids in reducing impulsive and obsessive behavior, leading to harmonious relationships.


Heavenly Oud Eau De Parfum

The oud can uniquely overwhelm the senses and produce indescribable effects. Many cultures refer to oud as Paradise incense. Even so, the divine oud scent will incredibly affect your peers.

This perfume, an expression of timeless elegance, is appropriate for a business meeting as well as a casual get-together with friends or a fancy date.

So, Fummies, go and get yourself a pleasure right now! 



Despite being exoticized in the West, Oud is a component of the Middle Eastern essence.   

For the western world, oud previously required a little bit of an acquired taste. But as the world we live in becomes more globally connected and our curiosities, as well as the possibility to indulge them, become more and more within reach, it has since been adjusted to suit all kinds of perfume tastes that are expanding.

People like for their scent to stand out. The muskiness of one's skin is enhanced by oud, which has a brooding quality that makes it capable of amplifying one's skin chemistry. This suggests something both intimate and animalic at the same time. Many consumers are now looking for oud notes in their fragrances, which have solid diffusion.