4 Popular Fragrances Featuring Oud

4 Popular Fragrances Featuring Oud

Our experts developed the four mixed scents listed below at Candle and Oud, each of which incorporates the exotic strength of Oud into one of its base notes.

Amber Oud Intense Eau De Parfum

It’s a gorgeously luxurious amber perfume with resin undertones.
This seductive oud has a dramatic and sumptuous grounding from the deep, musky base. Before diving into a spicy, crisp heart of pleasant cedar and guaiac wood, the senses are initially awakened by a fresh citrus blast of lemon and bergamot.

This fragrance is mature and potent, can be worn any time of day or year, and has a long-lasting scent. You’ll receive Amber Oud Intense in a luxurious velvet drawstring pouch bearing the aesthetic Candles & Oud logo.

Royal Oud Eau De Parfum

This signature Royal Oud will feel like the most sensual, lavishly opulent, seductive, and refined royalty ever. Beginning with dark fruit notes that are laced with spicy accords, these notes grow stronger as rich blossoms of rose, jasmine, and seductive incense blend in.

Before falling into woods, amber, and unmistakable Oud in the dry down, it intensifies to show its hidden beauty.

This might be it if you're seeking a sophisticated, self-assured signature. This scent is well-balanced and long-lasting and a great masterpiece fragrance for any collection. Royal Oud will also be presented to you in a plush velvet drawstring pouch bearing the Candles & Oud logo.


English Oud Eau De Parfum

English Oud is a perfume that draws its inspiration from the world of perfumery, where the most priceless materials are used to produce a sophisticated scent.

It has citrus fruits that add freshness and vibrancy, while oud wood produces a warm, sensual environment.

Its lavender extract fragrance brings sweetness and femininity. Tonka patchouli imparts force and strength.

The addition of musk intrigues and allures the perfume.

Vanilla leaves behind a lovely scent.

The composition is finished with leather. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to impress people and entice them to ask you, “So, which scent do you use?”

Heavenly Oud Eau De Parfum

Heavenly Oud compact feels like an appealing aroma of delicious cassis mingled with exotic saffron and sandalwood, making it a wonderfully unique and powerful fragrance with oriental woody overtones.

A substantial spray of superb oud is mixed will make you experience a classic rose that is beautiful and romantically organized in a growing bouquet with delicious geranium and powdery orris.

Eventually, the fragrance softens into a heady and deep vanilla-scented musk that lingers by your side all night.

If you've grown up with delicate, floral scents or fresh, citrusy scents, you might find this deep perfume a little overwhelming at first, But then the amount of pain you're going to feel will be insane.


Scent layering is all the rage right now. It's nevertheless an old trick—even our grandparents understood that slathering on a matching body lotion beneath one's favorite scent would extend its life because wet skin absorbs perfume better.

But, when you think about it, it's similar to make-up in that you can choose the level of coverage you want, whether light or intense and build it up.

While testing out all of the scrumptious oud-based smells, we discovered that if you're layering oud with another fragrance, apply them in various regions.

The heavier one should be placed to pulse points, while the lighter one should be applied to hair and clothing—so that they operate in tandem.


The Final Word

Oud has established itself as possibly the most sought-after perfume oil worldwide. Even though there are some more expensive options, oud might have the highest demand compared to availability.

What will happen to this most amazing of oils next? We think that oud still has a chance to be heard by more people.

As previously mentioned, a significant portion of the European population has yet to regularly use oud fragrances.

Elite Perfumery will be present to observe the outcome in either case. To wrap it all off, we currently have a large selection of oud oils and perfumes on our website.

Do check it out and give yourself some royal touch!