What Goes Into Creating a Winter Fragrance?

What Goes Into Creating a Winter Fragrance?

Wearing a fragrance that is more appropriate for a lovely summer day in the middle of winter will appear inappropriate to those around you, just as you would not wear a sweater if the temperature were above 75 degrees.

So, the best winter colognes are worth a try because what relaxes the senses in June is different from what smells just right in December.

So, that’s the only reason you can’t wear summer fragrances? 

You can, of course, wear your favourite perfume all year round. The only intention of winter fragrances is to give you that cozy feel in a chill environment. 

The cooler temperatures and fragrances set the tone for the upcoming winter holidays. It's like a mini-wonderland between the craziness of the subtleness of fall and winter's festivities. Wood notes soothe the senses and promote mental peace. Patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss, and amber are the notes that pair best with winter's crisp, cool days.

Moreover, it's crucial for chemists working in fragrance laboratories to understand the intended time of wear before a new perfume is developed and created. They will use this to calculate the precise amounts of each ingredient, from the top notes to the base notes.

Some fragrances are more effective in the spring and summer, while others are more appropriate for the fall and winter.


What Goes Into Creating a Winter Fragrance?

Winter calls for layers, scarves, and warm, rich aromas. Winter fragrances should be able to withstand windy, freezing winter days, overcome being muffled by layers and layers of clothing, and keep you nice and warm.


How to Pick a Winter/Fall Perfume

Because your body temperature is lower in the winter, winter perfumes tend to be heavier and warmer. 


What Notes to Look For? 

You know how, for better or worse, everything smells more intense when it's hot and humid outside? In the winter, however, the opposite is true. Scents do not evaporate as easily in dry weather, so your perfume will be less noticeable, and the fragrance will not last as long. This is why in the winter, heavy base notes are preferred.


Here are some of the notes and accords found in the winter fragrance:


In the base of winter fragrances, woody notes such as Oud, Rosewood, Guaiac Wood, Cedarwood, Spicy oak, and Patchouli are most commonly used.


Leather, multiple Musks, and Ambers are frequently used as "fantasy notes" by combining different ingredients to achieve a specific accord. 

Oriental Notes and Bases

The oriental bases of cold-weather fragrances contain Benzoin, Vanilla, Potpourri, Myrrh, Labdanum, and Elemi.


You'll want a fragrance that creates the same warm and cozy sensation as you would with big sweaters, coats, scarves, hats, and cashmere-everything this winter. Find a cozy fragrance that envelops you like a cocoon and protects you from the harsher, colder days.

Try our concentrated blend of Desert Rose Eau De Parfum, a truly distinctive and potent scent with oriental woody notes, which begins with a beguiling aroma of fruity cassis that will give you a royal feel you would get obsessed with.  

In general, Eau de Parfum (EDP) is preferred in the winter over Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. Because it has a higher perfume concentration, it will be more tenacious, last longer, and have more intensity, making it ideal for these colder days.

Try our concentrated blend of Leyla Eau De Parfum, which will bring to you all of the past, present, and future love stories, quintessential romance, with a sweet calmness. 

Woody, Spicy, Gourmand, or Sensual Fragrances Hit Different 

Because these olfactory families have stronger base notes, the fragrance will be fixed and last longer. As a result, they will have a strong grip on clothing, such as scarves or sweaters. Look for sandalwood base notes, leather notes, amber, honey, musk, and various spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.

Look into our Sophistiqué Eau De Parfum, a fairy tale-inspired land of elegance and mystery that makes a stunning entrance with a raw appeal of cardamom and flowers. The base notes transform this perfume into a perfect, dramatic fragrance with just a dash of oriental.


Choose a Clean Scent

When selecting a perfume, consider more than just the notes. We want wonderful perfumes, but we also want fragrances that are free of chemicals. As mentioned earlier, winter fragrances are heavier so they tend to go deeper into the layers of clothes and skin.  

So, make sure to read the label when looking for an environmentally friendly fragrance! There will be no more contentious ingredients, dyes, or UV filters.


Every day, a different perfume

Who says you have to always wear the same perfume? The opposite is true, though: you can alter your fragrance based on the day and even the hour! A fragrance envelops you like a second skin, letting everyone who comes into contact with you know exactly who you are. Pick a hesperidin scent to energize and inspire you during a demanding workday. A fragrance tailored to your mood and situation reveals (almost) everything about you!

Winter isn't just a time to talk about how cold it is or to go out and buy winter clothes and pull out those hoodies and Pashmina shawls that had been stored in the closet since the spring. It is also a time of joy for the numerous celebrations that occur one after the other. 

Fragrances are incredibly pleasing and uplifting in cold weather because they last longer on the skin. Perfume is a sensory delight that can surround its wearer with an aura of beauty, romance, and mystery.

The cold temperature allows all those sophisticated and sensitive notes to dissolve and build. Many women change their scents as they change their wardrobes for the fall. How about you?