The Oud in the European Culture Nowadays

The Oud in the European Culture Nowadays

You may be unfamiliar with oud or the benefits of oud oil. After all, it's not among the most fragrant floral scents, along with primrose, lily and, ylang-ylang. It is also not as effective as lavender, tea tree, or chamomile. However, if you skip oud, you may be losing out on one of the most nuanced and fascinating scents on the market today.

What is Oud Actually? 

One of the world's most expensive natural scent ingredients is oud, often known as oudh. A kilogram of oud, often known as "agarwood" in English, can cost as much as a kilogram of gold, if not more. The fragrance component, which only occurs in South East Asia, comes from the bark of trees and has an instantly recognized woody scent.


Oud has a long history and is used for many different things, including perfumery, aromatherapy, spirituality, and medicine. It is also associated with elegance, exclusivity, and closeness.

The Oud in Europe Nowadays 

The use of oud has increased significantly in interest and popularity in the European world of intricate scent formulations. Some well-known designers have recently debuted their own scents using this treasured essential oil.

In the 1980s, the emergence of boutique hotels ushered in a brand-new, affluent travel experience. Along with it, rare and exotic scents were introduced to cater to individuals with extravagant preferences for whom money is no object.

However, we can thank the globe-trotting Emiratis for putting Oud into the forefront. As European perfumers noticed them combining this 'black gold' with modern smells, labels such as Jo Malone London and Tom Ford caught up on the trend, ushering oud into mainstream perfumery. When Jo Malone London released the Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense, the House assumed it would be a regional scent. But it was a big success worldwide. Almost every fragrance firm now has a 'fume highlighting the note.

Oud is typically a base note in a perfume composition since it has a tendency to linger on the skin for a very long time after the other notes have faded. Base notes are highly deep, weighty, and enduring because they serve as the perfume's foundation (up to six hours and more).

The majority of wood notes are recognized for being earthy. However, because oud is so expensive to harvest, it frequently appears in synthetic versions and offers a lovely sweet scent.


3 Top Benefits of Oud Scents

Calming Effects

OUD has a powerful, mystical odour and is well-known for its spiritual and psychological properties. It is primarily known for its soothing qualities. Furthermore, it is known to clear the human aura of negative and destructive emotions. Because of this, OUD Essential Oil is utilized in aromatherapy. It also improves cerebral functionality and promotes a sense of harmony and contentment.


Psychoactive Qualities

Agarwood has also been linked to a high level of psychoactivity. This makes OUD particularly useful for stress relief and cognitive enhancement. Furthermore, it aids in the reduction of obsessive and impulsive conduct, resulting in happy relationships. Using OUD in your home can be good for the mental health of everyone who lives there.


Medicinal Effects

Apart from Psychoactive benefits, oud oil can treat a variety of health problems, particularly those related to the mind, due to its relaxing impact. It is used to treat epilepsy and is suggested for the treatment of neuromuscular issues. It is also an excellent Kapha suppressor, removing toxins from the body. It lowers inflammation and pain associated with arthritis when applied to the joints and skin.

Furthermore, the digestive and stomachic qualities aid in gas expulsion and bloating. It also impacts the skin, helping in the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. It is effective in treating wounds and cuts and relieving itching and skin pain.

When applied to the skin, oud has stimulating properties—it maintains moisture levels remarkably well, making the skin smooth, supple, and hydrated. It also leaves one immersed in a long-lasting spicy, musky aroma.